With all the noise about Apple and Google tracking smartphone users, we wondered how people would like to use the location services on their smartphones. SpeedTrack is the wondrous result.

The police use very advanced technology--radar guns--to measure the speed of passing cars. Very advanced, but how accurate? There are many stories of problems with radar guns: untrained police officers, uncalibrated radar guns, wrong car's speed measured, cosine error; the list goes on. What advanced technology do citizens use to defend themselves? Nothing. Until now. SpeedTrack runs silently on your smartphone, recording your location and speed, until you need to know how fast you were going. Then it provides a record that you can show to the police officer and, if you still have to go to court, you can show it to the judge.

Will you be ready the next time you get a speeding ticket?

  • speedometer

    Very visible, very cool, very customizable speedometer. With max speed.

    Pick a color, any color. SpeedTrack gives you a speedometer for your dash in eight different colors. And shows your recent max speed, perfect for when the friendly police officer asks "Do you have any idea how fast you were going?"

  • speedtracking

    See where you were, and how fast you were going. Delete whenever you want.

    SpeedTrack silently records your location and speed while you drive. You won't even know it's there. Until you want to see, and then you can view your tracks on a map. And when you don't want the data saved anymore, delete it!

  • speeddefense

    Speeding ticket? Were you really going that fast? Can you prove that you weren't?

    With SpeedTrack, your iPhone or Android can tell you just how fast you were going. And you can email or print the record of your speed for the court to consider overturning your ticket. Do they really do that? Check it out.