We bring innovative ideas to iPhone and Android applications. Collage for iPad has been a big success with anyone who has photos on their iPad (that is, everyone), allowing them to pinch zoom rotate combine their pics with text to create very personalized collages, and then share them with friends via email or Facebook.  Kids on the Farm, our newest app, occupies and amuses kids by teaching them about counting, colors, and animals, allowing their parents to shop, cook, or do any of the innumerable tasks of a parent. The Metric Clock brings the metric system to time measurement, and has been selling actively since being introduced in the AppStore. RoadRage is a marquee display for your iOS device, showing scrolling text that you can share with your friends across the room. Jukebook and its companion JukeTweet let you link music from your iPod to your Facebook and Twitter pages, with comments, where your friends can listen and buy the linked songs on iTunes.

If you have comments or questions about our existing applications, let us know at eccesoft@gmail.com, or call us at 321-765-3223. We’d love to hear from you.